The first AGM, held on 13 May 1998, was an informal affair at which members expressed their support for the new society.  Officers were elected, unopposed, as follows: Bob Horne (chairman), John Brooke (secretary), John Millington (treasurer), to be assisted by a committee of Pauline Barritt, Christine Booth, Valerie Deadman, Dennis Kirby, Raymond Smith, Jean Timmons and June Wolfe.

It might be of interest to be reminded of the original membership. Below are the names of the 45 people who attended the first meeting, listed in the order in which they signed the register.


Mr and Mrs E Wood, Windsor Walk;  Mr and Mrs David Clough, Lower Crow Nest Drive;  Joyce Clarke, Bramley Lane;  Eve Turner, Leyburn Avenue;  Christine Booth, The Ings;  Alan and Jean Sutcliffe, East View;  Caroline Pell and Jennifer Pell, The Avenue;  Dorice Haughey, St Giles Close; Peggy Woodward, Brookelands;  John and Pauline Barritt, Wakefield Road;  Geoffrey Crook, Watkinson Bungalows; Betty Tuck, West Avenue;  Bob and Claire Horne, Bramley View;  E. Brookes, Westfield Drive;  Barry Roper, Leyburn Avenue;  John Illingworth, Cecil Avenue; Sheila Mitchell, Ellis Court, Norwood Green; Janet Thomas, Highfield, Bramley Lane; Kathleen Briggs, Knowle Top Drive;  Raymond and Irene Smith, Wakefield Road;  Guy and Dorothy Horne, Knowle Top Drive;  Bill Redmayne, Warren Park;    Mr and Mrs C. Tunnicliffe, Whitehall Villas;  Frank Manchester, Wakefield Road; Susan Roberts, Lydgate Park; Ann Ablett, Lydgate Park;  P.W. and Susan Walker, Leeds Road;  Norman and Molly Lister, The Grove;  John and Kath Millington, Leyburn Avenue; Jean Habergham, Bramley View;  Alec Priestley, Bramley View;  John and Jenny Brooke, Leyburn Avenue;   Chris Helme, Holme House, Wakefield Road.

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  • Can you offer any information on Whitehall Street Hipperholme in particular if it has always been unadopted? Thankyou Ian King

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